Immigration Lawyers
You Can Depend On


Immigration Lawyers
You Can Depend On


Immigration Lawyers
You Can Depend On

Allegheny County Immigration Lawyers

U.S. Immigration can be a complicated and emotional subject. Allegheny Immigration Group was founded on the understanding that a country can be judged by how it treats foreigners. Our mission is to provide competent, compassionate, client focused and supportive immigration representation for those who wish to visit, stay in, or become citizens of the United States. Allegheny Immigration Group are Pittsburgh Immigration Lawyers. We handle matters ranging from Immigration through Marriage, Fiancée Visas, Employment Based or Work Visas, Student Visas, and Investor Visas. Allegheny Immigration Group are also deportation defense lawyers and asylum lawyers.

At Allegheny Immigration Group, we offer Immigration Law consultations.

The principals of Allegheny Immigration Group are Joseph Murphy, and Esquire, Esquire. Attorney Murphy has 18 years of personal experience representing immigration clients all over the United States. Attorney Murphy clerked on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and has served as on the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas as an Arbitrator intermittently since 2000. Attorney Logue brings a special perspective to the firm, representing both the case and the client in various Immigration and related legal matters. IMMIGRATION LAW

U.S. Immigration law is the Law governing who may be admitted the U.S., for what purposes those persons may be admitted, and when they must leave. U.S. Immigration has evolved over the years in many controversial and confusing ways due to changing political and geopolitical forces. Allegheny Immigration Group Lawyers are fully experienced with this sometimes complex maze of laws and regulations and are able to use that experience to navigate the immigration system on your behalf.

Fiancee and Marriage Visas

We don’t always get to choose who we fall in love with. Fully 21% of American households have one spouse who is not a native born American. If you are engaged to or married to a foreign citizen, Allegheny Immigration Group Lawyers will be happy to help you with green cards, social security numbers, work permits, travel documents and all of the things that will be necessary for you and your spouse or fiancée to fully enjoy your life together.

Work Visas

Allegheny Immigration Group are fully equipped to handle obtaining work visas and work permits for our clients. Whether you are an employer seeking to have a work visa issued for one of your workers, or someone already in the court who needs a work permit, Allegheny Immigration Group Lawyers are ready to assist you in obtaining permission to work without breaking the law.

Asylum Cases

U.S. Immigration Law authorizes granting asylum to an alien who is unable or unwilling to return to his or her home country on account of a credible fear of persecution in the alien’s home country due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion

Allegheny Immigration Group are Immigration Lawyers and Asylum Lawyers. Our Pittsburgh immigration attorneys represent people applying for asylum in the United States and people who assert asylum as a defense to deportation or who assert asylum as a defense to removal. We are experienced asylum lawyers and we handle asylum cases nationwide.

Representing Immigration Cases Nationwide

Allegheny Immigration Group provides immigration representation nationwide. If you need non-immigration legal services in a state that we are not licensed in, local counsel will have to be retained.

Convenient, Supportive, and Easy to Work With

Many immigration clients find the experience of working with Attorney Joseph Murphy to be quite comforting and supportive. Attorney Murphy is down to earth and has a sensitive approach to the handling of immigration matters. Attorney Murphy’s approach comes not only from representing an entire generation of immigrants, but from having lived and worked overseas himself in such diverse locations as China, Korea, Germany, parts of Latin America, and the Caribbean. So to speak, Murphy has been on both sides of the immigration issue, and brings that knowledge, experience, and lessons learned to the benefit of his clients.

Time is precious item in today’s busy world. Allegheny Immigration group is committed to be convenient immigration lawyers. For example Attorney Murphy is an immigration lawyer that is available by text message or cell phone. If there is a problem, or if you have concerns about your case, it is just that easy to get in touch with your lawyer.

Language can be a barrier for many clients. If you don’t speak English, Allegheny Immigration Group will make sure that you understand your matter in your language. We will arrange to have interpreters.

Immigration matters can be complicated and emotional. At Allegheny Immigration Group we consider not just the law, but the client, and the individual client’s personal needs and concerns.

Where our client has run into trouble with the legal system, we are fully equipped to handle immigration criminal defense of everything from a minor matter of driving under the influence of alcohol to serious felonies.

No Surprise Fees

Many people worry about the costs and fees associated with hiring an immigration lawyer. Our fees will be clearly and fully explained to you so that there are no surprises or hidden fees. The last thing you need in an immigration case is “sticker shock.” In most cases we offer a flat fee option which can be comforting to the client.

Above all, we strive to have a personal and supportive relationship with our clients. It is common for clients of our firm to have cell phone and text message access to the staff assigned to their case.

We work closely with clients to clarify strategy and we never create false expectations.

Relocation Support Services

For clients making a move to the U.S., we can assist with the details of such a large scale project, giving guidance and assistance on details such as home purchase by an immigrant through advising on school enrollment for children, country club memberships, formation of corporations and other businesses for our clients. Simply put our Pittsburgh immigration lawyers offer more than just green card representation, Allegheny Immigration Group is your one stop for Immigrating to the U.S.

Up to Date Advice and Representation

Immigration Law, policy, practice and procedure is changing rapidly. All too often, we see clients who get advice from a friend or family member that immigrated as long as 10 years ago. This is foolish. In the current environment, copying from someone who immigrated 10 months ago is foolish. The forms, the filing fees, the waiting times, change every few months and you need advice and experience that is current. Our offer of an Immigration Consultation can be quite valuable, even if you don’t hire us, so do take advantage.

We Wish You the Best in Your Adventure

Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to go, we really do wish you the very best with your immigration needs and in the exciting and vibrant United States of America. Thank you for visiting our site. Congratulations on what may be the greatest and most rewarding adventure of your life!

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